Moving and Its Often Forgotten Aspects

You have finally bought your new home or rented a new place. You feel excited with starting another chapter of your life. The finish line is near and you are almost there. All that is left is to cross it. But, with all the various aspects of moving, it is too easy to forget or neglect this or that. The following tidbits of advice can help you ensure that you will have a smooth move without any last minute heartbreaks and headaches.

Removal of Fragile and Heavy Stuff from Dressers

Many homeowners often make the mistake of moving their dressers as is, neglecting the items inside. It is only on the last minute that they finally realize that the dresser did not just end up broken but even the things inside also got damaged during the transport. It is a frustrating moment but you could have avoided it easily. If the dresser in question is lightweight, make sure you remove everything in it prior to the move. Leaving them inside will never be worth the risk. If your dresser is sturdier, you can leave some stuff inside such as clothing but fragile items must still be removed.

Parking Spot Availability for Your Moving Truck at the Two Locations

Your moving day has arrived but when your moving company called ahead to ask where they can park, that is when reality hit you hard. You look outside to see lines of cars on the streets around your neighborhood. The nearest parking spot is a few blocks away and you tell the movers about it. In return, you were told that the move might take up more time, and the amount you will pay will also triple than expected.

It is essential to reserve a parking spot at the two locations to ensure an efficient move. It is a general rule that the client provides parking space for the moving truck. If parking tickets have been incurred, it will also be the client’s responsibility. If you secure parking spaces at the two locations, no additional fines or fees will be incurred, not to mention that your move will also be made easier and shorter.

Reserving Elevators

Your movers have finally arrived and they went directly to your apartment. Your couch is the first one to go, and the mover pressed the elevator button and wait for 2 minutes before one came. But when the doors opened, 7 people were inside together with one dog, and even a lamp might not even fit inside.

When you are living in a high rise condo or apartment building, it is necessary to reserve an elevator then let your movers know about the available time. Buildings often protect and equip their service elevators with blankets or padding prior to the move, while most will not even let you move without first reserving one. Most buildings even request the moving company’s Certificate of Insurance. This must be received prior to the moving day. To get a copy, you can request one from your moving company through fax or email.

Moving can be stressful but with these tips, you can be sure that you will not forget any important aspect throughout the process.

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